DIY Weddings!

I consider myself a very thrifty person, always looking for ways to stretch my dollar and make it worth that much more than just face value.  From building my own furniture to painting my own walls, to shopping at thrift stores to browsing craigslist and garage sells, it dawned on me – Codie and I’s wedding could be done very similarly!

Now although I like to say I’m thrifty, that doesn’t mean that I still don’t like nice things because I do.  I just find ways to get the things that I want without breaking the bank and going over budget.  We recently just got back the quote for our flowers that we went and looked at from last weekend and the bill came out to be almost two thousand dollars!  I couldn’t believe it.  And yet, I still can’t believe we aren’t just getting married in someone’s backyard and using the money that is going to our wedding for something else.  But I get it, it’s all about the memory and the moment and for both Codie and I’s family, this will be the first wedding in quite some time.

Tissue Paper Flower Center pieces

So this morning when I started thing about what I wanted to blog about, I was checking my to do list on The Knot’s website and I decided to see what they had under the DIY section for weddings.  Wouldn’t you know it; they had a whole section on tissue paper flower centerpieces and Brooch Bouquets!  What’s funny about this is that Codie and I were just discussing the DIY approach and after seeing these blogs, I started thinking to myself heck ya!  Why not do something like this?  This will give our wedding a much more unique and personal touch on the wedding all while saving some money! (We all know that where we can save money, usually means sacrificing time.  Something that I don’t have a lot of in the first place, but hey that’s why we have bridesmaids and groomsmen right!!!)

What about you?  Have you done a DIY theme wedding, or at least incorporated a few aspects of some DIY into your wedding?  What did you do that turned out fantastic or would suggest staying clear of from personal experiences?? I’d love to hear!

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One thought on “DIY Weddings!

  1. I am actually planning a DIY wedding right now…Pinterest has been my best friend! I have done tons of research on DIY flower arrangements and I’d be more than happy to share some money saving ideas!


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